How to Create Safer Spaces in the Bathroom

As a mother of two adorable boys, I have a lot to say about raising kids, and other matters. They both are on the autism spectrum, so life is a little different for me day to day. It gives me a new perspective despite the inherent challenges.

I am not complaining about my eight and four-year-old. I just have to be a bit creative now and then. I thought I would share how it all happens as we travel on the autism path.  Sometimes writing things down gives me a fresh viewpoint, so here I am. If you follow my blog, you will learn more about special-needs children and the wonder they bring to one’s life.

Even small audio or visual triggers can be enough to get a response when autistic children. Given the importance of bathroom time, you bet that I am into the new technologies that help make the bathroom a safer space. All children require security and constant observation. Mishaps can happen when you aren’t paying attention.

Harmful implements lurk on the bathroom shelves and around the tub. If you share a bathroom with your kids, forget about razors and other sharp objects. Medications are taboo in the family washroom, so hide them elsewhere. Plus, leave toxic cleansers out of sight. They may taste terrible, but they are tempting for the little ones, nonetheless.

Meanwhile, even the toilet can be a danger zone. I am happy for the modern toilets that flush instantaneously and don’t overflow with lots of paper inside. It is more than unsanitary for kids to dwell on the bowl contents, as they are wont to do. Seats now rise and fall automatically to prevent his problem. Your children soon learn to be wary of the alive lid.

The industrial engineers of the world have had a field day with plumbing fixtures. After all, they are a key element of any household. Kids pay a lot of attention to their actions here since the time of their early potty training. Parents make a lot of fuss over doing their business and cleanliness habits.

Self-cleaning toilets help not to mention the ingenious spray devices that now replace toilet paper. You can’t imagine what you can get for a price these days. Some toilets convert into bidets with warm waterspouts. Be careful lest the tots get too interested. Plus, the newest units are amazing in modern style.

They are compact and one piece, so easy to clean. That is important for large families. Some dispense deodorizers and disinfectants after every flush or two. With a new Kohler, Mirabelle or Toto, the bathroom is going to be the most popular place in the house. Get one of these marvels and see a big change in your life!