Back-to-School Shopping

Any parent faces challenges when they want their kids to do something new and all they get back is resistance and/or sass. You use your wits to concoct reasons, but then again kids are not rational beings overall. You make up stories that are so transparent that the children laugh. You can threaten or bribe: there are all kinds of techniques of persuasion. Punishment in my family is not one of them. This is where I draw the line. If I want to buy new backpacks for school (as the old ones are practically in shreds), and the kids balk, I have to backdown for a while. I believe if I present some nifty-looking items that maybe they will change their tunes.

Backpacks are trendy things and kinds are particular about them. When it is back-to-school time, there are tons of new ones on the market. So, this is the time to take the kids on a shopping tour. Find out where the best ones are (and if it is this difficult for them then money is no object). Rule number one, and maybe the only rule, is let them pick their own. The tip, though, is using a guide like this one from Backpacks Magazine to create a short list for your kids to choose from. What does it matter what size, shape, color, or other features such as a myriad of zippers and pockets. They often go with what a friend has, but you really want your child to be more of an individual. If they want to copy others, tell them that model is sold out. Then you can go from there and hope for the best.

My kids are such creatures of habit and they hate change of any type. You have to take it slowly and let them decide that they need something new. Try pointing out the flaws of the old backpacks. Talk about lack of functionality and how things may fall out and get lost. No child wants this to happen to their favorite things. Demonstrate how a zipper doesn’t work or a compartment has broken. If nothing else works, entice them with exciting colors and designs. Backpacks now are not just denim or heavy canvas. They can be brightly printed plastic that is eye-catching and waterproof. If they have an artistic side, they will go this route. These kinds of backpacks are for maximum fun and frankly most of them have plenty of room. Make sure the straps are comfortable and not too long or are adjustable. The bold prints are now a tot’s first choice. If you can’t drag them willingly to the store, try surveying the many offerings on line. What kid doesn’t enjoy a Web experience. Let them pay (with your help) and place the order. Then it is more than a chore.